As part of the funding agreement between the World Bank and the Government of Vanuatu, the project is required to take into account potential social and environmental impacts of project activities.  Referred collectively as Safeguards; all activities and sub-projects under VIRIP require to take into account and manage potential environmental and social impact of project activities.

A series of framework manuals sets out the approach to managing VIRIP safeguards.

Additional plans and controls are developed for each individual sub-project to ensure that potential impacts are managed.



The VIRIP Safeguards Manual is the framework  to identify and manage project safeguards has three constituent parts:

  • Environmental and Social Management Framework – which sets out the way in which potential environmental and social impacts are identified and managed.
  • Resettlement Policy Framework – which sets out the system of compensation for damage to or use of land by project investments.
  • Grievance Redress Mechanism – which sets out the means by which any complaints about the project are received and responded to.

The documents were publicly disclosed and advertised in the Vanuatu Daily Post in three languages on 26 June 2018.